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Research shines a light on Chippenham’s economic health

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Image courtesy of GoogleImage courtesy of GoogleThe results of an extensive benchmarking exercise – which will guide Chippenham Business Improvement District’s efforts to make the town a better place in which to live, work and shop – have been published.

The BID worked with regeneration specialists People & Places to get a better idea about Chippenham’s economy.

The research set to look into 12 key performance indicators:

  • National retail information
  • Independent retail information
  • Professional services information
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Chippenham’s business vacancy rates
  • Markets
  • Footfall
  • Car parking
  • Business confidence surveys
  • Town centre user surveys
  • Shopper origin surveys

Researchers interviewed more than 300 people between February and March this year. Some of the findings include:

  • 71 percent of town centre users visit at least once a week
  • Chippenham’s footfall is 55 percent higher than the national large towns average
  • An average of 371 people walked by every ten minutes
  • On a market day footfall was 24 percent higher in Chippenham’s High Street

It also found

  • Shopper spend in town is lower than average
  • 52 percent of businesses classing competition from the internet as a negative aspect of trading in Chippenham
  • 76 percent of businesses and 60 percent of town centre users rated car parking as a negative aspect of the town

Off the back of its research, Chippenham BID has created an easy to digest infographic to detail the findings.

Simon Philpott, Chippenham BID manager, said: “There are many assumptions about our town, yet what this study has revealed are the true factors affecting Chippenham and its economy. This work will allow us to truly address the needs of our town for businesses, residents and visitors alike”.

Chippenham BID infographic – Click to expandChippenham BID infographic – Click to expand