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Chippenham growth plan approved

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Image courtesy of GoogleImage courtesy of GoogleA plan to ensure that Chippenham grows positively over the next ten years providing housing, jobs and appropriate infrastructure, such as new roads to alleviate congestion in the town centre, has been formally adopted by Wiltshire Council.

The Chippenham Site Allocations Plan (CSAP) identifies two strategic sites to ensure the delivery of housing and employment growth for the town by 2026 to meet the requirement set by the Wiltshire Core Strategy.

It has been developed taking into account the extensive consultation previously undertaken as part of the council’s Core Strategy and more recent consultations with the local community.

A report from a government inspector into the examination of the CSAP on 21 February 2017 concluded that, subject to the changes set out in the report, the CSAP is sound. Following the closure of the inspection, the councils has adopted the CSAP, with the inspectors recommendations.

Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for strategic planning, said: “These robust plans will ensure future growth in the town. Development will be focused towards the town’s least sensitive areas in terms of landscape and ecology, and there will be improved access to significant areas of open space for the town via the river corridor.

“The housing development will be phased to allow completion of critical pieces of transport infrastructure helping tackle congestion within the town.”

The council will now publish an adoption notice, meaning a six week period for legal challenge will open, meaning anyone who thinks the plan was not prepared using the correct procedures.

The CSAP will now become part of the statutory development plan for Wiltshire alongside the Wiltshire Core Strategy.