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Fewer Wiltshire deaths from smoking following workplace ban

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Deaths from heart disease and strokes related to smoking are down 25 percent in Wiltshire since the workplace cigarette ban came into force ten years ago.

The statistics were revealed by Wiltshire Council as the workplace smoking ban – which also covers pubs and clubs – marks its 10th anniversary.

Statistics also suggest that fewer than three in 20 Wiltshire residents now smoke - down from more than four in 20 in 2007.

Tracy Daszkiewicz, acting director of public health at Wiltshire Council, said: “The introduction of smoke free public places has been one of the most significant pieces of public health legislation in recent history.

“However if we are to continue to improve the overall health of people in Wiltshire, more needs to be done to prevent our young people from starting to smoke, to protect babies and children from the dangers of smoking, and to encourage current smokers to quit.”