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Swindon among least stressful places to live and work in UK

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Brunel Tower in SwindonBrunel Tower in SwindonSwindon has been named as one of the least stressful cities in the UK in which to live and work.

A new survey by the consumer website TotallyMoney.com placed Swindon at 45 out of 52 for levels of stress, with 1 being the most stressful.

There were no surprises that London was ranked at number 1. Swindon was ranked less stressful than local rivals Bristol (42) and Reading (44) but was surpassed by Oxford (50). The UK’s least stressful town is Doncaster.

Totallymoney crunched a host of figures from other organisations to rank cities, including cost of living vs money left over research from Nomis, job growth and unemployment from the Centre for Cities, unpaid overtime figures from TotallyMoney.com’s 2017 Overtime Survey, worthwhile, anxiety and happiness indexes from the Office for National Statistics, crime rates from www.crimerates.co.uk, and commute time statistics from the Trade Union Congress.

The figures for Swindon show job growth at 0.91 percent, unemployment at 1.33 percent, and unpaid overtime running at 7.95 hours per week (compared to the average Londoner, who is putting in 9.57 hours a week off the clock).

Swindon commute times are an average of 44 minutes, versus 71 minutes in the capital. The population density is 938 people per km2 – far less than the 3,666 sharing each square kilometre of London.

The summary for Swindon reads: “Swindon is one of the priciest places to live in the UK, ranking number three for cost of living. Residents enjoy short commutes though, and the Wiltshire town has good connections to nearby cities and pretty countryside on its doorstep.”

Comparisons with other UK centres can be made at www.totallymoney.com/most-stressed-cities-uk