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Calne-based IT provider acquired by American rival

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A Calne-based provider of IT enterprise services and solutions for storage and data centre products has been acquired by US-based Park Place Technologies.

The acquisition of NCE marks largest in Cleveland-based Park Place's history, increasing its global client portfolio and European presence.

The companies plan to immediately begin integrating operations, channel partners, customers and employees, adding more than 280 individuals to Park Place Technologies' current staff.

"NCE has provided exceptional services, deep product knowledge and industry expertise for more than 35 years," said Ed Kenty, chairman and CEO of Park Place Technologies.

"With design and delivery at the core of NCE's identity, we are excited to leverage their unique experience and exemplary leadership as we further expand our capabilities and service and support functions for our customers."

Since 1981, NCE has serviced customers across the US and the UK and grown to service Fortune 100 and small and mid-sized IT customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

NCE has long served as a prominent player in the third-party maintenance and post-warranty enterprise hardware industry.

"Over the years, NCE has helped thousands of companies with their IT needs," said Andrew Genever, former CEO of NCE, and newly-appointed VP of depot operations at Park Place Technologies.

"As we join Park Place, we will continue to provide exceptional service to our customers worldwide, while utilising Park Place's broad expertise.

“Our customers will benefit from greater access to engineering capabilities, faster response times and a better service experience.

“This acquisition will further enhance how we work with our channel partners, solidifying our ability to meet the ever-changing IT needs of our customers."

The deal marks Park Place Technologies' sixth acquisition in the past year and the company's latest effort to demonstrate its global commitment to paving the future for legacy enterprise storage and post-warranty hardware maintenance.

In November 2016, Park Place Technologies opened an Asia-Pacific location in Singapore. Most recently, Park Place Technologies acquired UK-based Prestige Data Center Solutions, Singapore-based Performance Data and US-based Allen Myland, Inc, further expanding its global reach and service offerings.