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Gigabit internet services are coming to Swindon

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Peter BoucherPeter BoucherSwindon businesses will be able to benefit from gigabit internet services from the autumn, thanks to a deal between IT and telecoms services supplier Excalibur and broadband provider CityFibre.

Gigabit internet promises large file transfers between 10 and 100 times faster than most business connections, with fast upload as well as download speeds to support Cloud computing, HD video conferencing, and remote data storage.

Peter Boucher, chief executive of Swindon-based Excalibur, said: "This is significant news for companies based here, as it not only brings a real step-change in how businesses can operate in terms of speed and productivity, but makes sure Swindon is future-proofed for the digital age.

“Excalibur provides IT and telecoms services to over 4,000 SMEs across the region and they are crying out for faster connectivity. With CityFibre, that technology is now here.

"Swindon has an exciting, vibrant economy that encompasses many industries including aerospace and high tech manufacturing and service businesses, which have in the past been constrained by slow network access.

"Faster, symmetrical and more reliable connectivity delivered by full fibre brings the opportunity to transform how businesses work and leverage the true power of cloud computing.”

Stephen Barclay, sales director at CityFibre’s channel wholesale business, Entanet, said: " “As a dynamic business centre and growing town, Swindon is perfectly positioned as CityFibre’s next Gigabit City location.

"We are delighted to be working with Excalibur to bring next-generation gigabit internet services to businesses across Swindon.

"Excalibur has a 20 year track record in delivering business connectivity solutions that enable organisations to work dynamically and efficiently.

"We will work together in driving the full fibre revolution and unlocking a host of benefits for local businesses from cost savings, to increased productivity and innovation.”