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Social media influencer to judge other influencers

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Gina AkersGina AkersTV presenter and social media influencer Gina Akers has been announced as a judge for the 2019 Influencer Marketing Awards.

The Influencer Marketing Awards were established to recognise the very best influencer marketing campaigns.

With over 28.2k real followers on Twitter alone, Swindon-based Gina has a combined organic following of over 92,000.

Gina runs a bespoke PR and creative agency ‘Blendid Media & Artists’ representing music acts, presenters and creative talent.

She is among the top 10 percent of online influencers in beauty and lifestyle, and a top 10 percent influencer on LinkedIn with over 26.4k followers and over 24.7k connections on the platform.

She has been recognised and rewarded by LinkedIn USA for being a prolific user of the UK LinkedIn social media platform.

“I’m very proud to be a judge for the Influencer Marketing Awards," said Gina.

"These are big awards that will covet much recognition so it’s a big responsibility to be judging a situation where the stakes are so high. I can’t wait to be involved in finding the best examples of of great influencer marketing in the UK, and recognising the remarkable and creative work of the influencer marketing industry."

Gina will be joining a team of leading experts from some of the worlds best brands, platforms and agencies on the judging panel.

The Influencer Marketing Awards take place at Mayfair's Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel on March 26.