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Plastic-busting waste strategy welcomed by pharma packaging firm

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Martin TedhamMartin TedhamThe boss of Europe’s largest independent contract packer for the pharmaceutical industry has welcomed the launch of the government's Strategy on Resources and Waste.

And Martin Tedham, CEO of Wasdell Packaging, has revealed that the Swindon-based firm has secured a deal to become the sole supplier of a new innovative biodegradable type of packaging for both bottles and caps into both Ireland and the UK.

"With most plastics taking up to 400 years to break down, if at all, this new product can be composted alongside food waste and breaks down completely in less than 10 years due to the high level of nanos in the materials," said Martin.

"Researching and trialling new ways to package and more environmentally friendly products is a priority for us at Wasdell as we recognise the part we play in the ongoing impact on the world we live in."

Launched on December 18, the Strategy aims to overhaul England’s waste system and move the country away from a ‘throw away’ position.

As part of this strategy, there will be more onus on manufacturers to take responsibility for the life of their products and packaging.

Wasdell is an Investor in Zero Waste business, committing to eliminate waste. The company has also invested in its own own delivery fleet, ensuring its products are delivered into Europe in the most efficient way, reducing unnecessary journeys and detours from packaging to destination.