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Devizes firm kills the p455w0rd with proximity log-in device

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A Devizes firm has launched an electronic key that will unlock and lock computers as the user moves in and out of range of them.

Gatekeeper Enterprise saves computer users having to log in and out of their computer every time they sit down at, or leave, their desk.

Hopton Industrial Estate-based Cardwave says the average user spends six to eight hours a year just logging into their PC.

Featuring military-grade encryption, and promising to eliminate internal security breaches, a wireless proximity fob unlocks the computer. The software can also be installed on mobile phones, making the phone the locking/unlocking device.

The fob can work from up to 30 feet, or require the user to touch the fob to a USB device. For extra security, the software can also demand a PIN for two-factor authentication.

Emma Charlton, security and authentication division lead at Cardwave, said: "Eighty-one percent of office employees have access to sensitive workplace information through unlocked computers, and 80 percent of IT support requests stem from passwords.

"Gatekeeper Enterprise prevents workstations from being unlocked when unattended – for instance, when the user nips to the office printer – and eradicates the requirement to remember passwords, freeing up valuable IT resources."

Gatekeeper Enterprise can even be used to give multiple users access to a single terminal, and a centralised management dashboard tracks users' logins and activity.