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Google Shopping yields better results than Google Ads, survey suggests

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Tom Vaughton and Thomas Stocks of AdPilotTom Vaughton and Thomas Stocks of AdPilotGoogle Shopping seems to be yielding better results for online retailers than Google Ads, according to research conducted by two Bradford on Avon businesses.

Researchers from pay-per-click experts Ad Pilot and digital marketing company Varn asked 1,000 respondents whether they realised images shown in Google Shopping were paid advertisements and whether they clicked on them

The same question was asked of results delivered by Google Ads.

The survey showed internet users seemed to be happier about clicking on Google Shopping advertisements than paid results from Google Ads.

70.3 percent of respondents recognised Google Shopping products and images as paid adverts, 40.7 percent who could identify paid Google Ads results.

Of those, 16.1 percent were happy to click on Google Shopping results while 54.2 percent would avoid clicking them, while only 5.5 percent would click through from a paid Google Ads result and 35.2 percent would avoid clicking.

The results show that younger users – 23.7 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds and 16.1 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds – are happiest clicking Google Shopping results, but are among the most resistant to clicking paid search results.

"For retailers, there has always been the debate over whether using Google Shopping is worth the effort and money for their businesses, and whilst the above stats may seem concerning, it is key to remember that Google Shopping has continued to grow and has become a more popular PPC channel recently," said Tilly Haines of Varn.

"Google Shopping is highly focused on product targeting rather than keyword targeting. This has resulted in the reduced importance of keywords, so whilst Google Shopping impressions are improving, we are beginning to see a drop in traditional text ads.

"It is also key to remember that although the cost-per-click is often higher for Google Shopping ads, you often get a better return on investment than you would for regular pay-per-click listings.

"In fact, according to Adthena, in 2018 Google Shopping ads accounted for 82.0 percent of retailers’ search ad spending in January and February in the UK."