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Self build centre hopes for TV show boost

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Kevin McCloud on The StreetKevin McCloud on The StreetA Swindon company dedicated to helping people across the UK build their own home is hoping for increased interest following the broadcast of a TV series.

The UK currently builds fewer custom and self build homes that many other developed countries – an issue employees at the Swindon-based National Self Build & Renovation Centre aim to address.

Grand Designs – The Street, is airing on Channel 4 every Thursday evening over six weeks, ending in National Custom & Self Build Week.

Hosted by Kevin McCloud, the series follows self-builders on a single street at the UK’s largest self-build site – Graven Hill in Oxfordshire – which is just an hour’s drive from the Swindon-based NSBRC.

The centre will be hosting a three-day self-build course from May 11 to 13, followed by its showcase event, The National Self Build & Renovation Show – Spring/Summer edition, which runs from May 17 to 19.

The aim of National Custom & Self Build Week is to get more people to think about self or custom building – starting by joining the 40,000 people already signed up to their local Right to Build registers.

The National Self Build and Renovation ShowThe National Self Build and Renovation ShowThousands of people from all over the UK are expected to attend for three days of talks, tours, and one-to-one expert advice on a range of topics from planning and plot finding to financing and timber frame. 

The show’s free talks are a great way to pick up a wealth of valuable information, for both newcomers and skilled professionals. Over 250 exhibitors will be showcasing the very latest products and technologies, with experienced representatives on hand to demonstrate, answer questions and offer their professional advice.

Guided tours of the NSBRC’s educational zones, featuring a life-size 'Renovation House' and 'New Build Journey' are the perfect way to learn about the benefits of self-building.

Custom and self-build delivers better homes that more people aspire to live in and that communities are happier to see built, than traditional ‘bulk build’ projects. As the most recent Government housing white paper states “Custom build homes are generally built more quickly and to a higher quality than other homes.”

NSBRC managing director Harvey Fremlin said: “The UK builds far fewer custom and self-build homes than many other developed countries. This week will highlight the potential of this approach to not only deliver better designed, more energy efficient homes, that people are delighted to live in, but also help tackle our housing crisis.

“We are already seeing visitors arriving at the NSBRC, having been inspired by the Graven Hill residents currently being featured on Grand Designs and people are beginning to realise that there is another way of buying a home. We’re here to help them understand the choices available and what options are most suited to their family requirements, life-style and budget”.

Free tickets to the National Self Build & Renovation Show can be booked at www.nsbrc.co.uk/the-national-self-build-and-renovation-show-summer/