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Growth specialists to launch digital-ready package for SMEs

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Rob PerksRob PerksBusiness growth specialists Inspire are launching a fully integrated digital transformation package for SMEs to ensure they are taking full advantage of the new technologies, including artificial intelligence, to drive business growth, beat the competition and become more productive.

The ‘as is’ to AI programme will be available to Inspire’s members and potential members, ideally those in the 10-250 + employees’ category.

It has also been designed to be eligible for R&D Corporation Tax relief.

Inspire, who provide a one-stop-shop of advice to business owners and are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, will be working with DX.company to deliver the programme.

DX.company brings together 40 years of experience and a vast range of skills in technology-driven business transformation projects in the public and commercial sector.

Rob Perks CEO of Inspire, explained: “At Inspire we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game for our members and being the people to talk to for business advice.

“What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on my business? And am I digital ready? are questions all SMEs should be asking themselves. If they’re not, then their entire business could be at risk in the next few years.

“Ensuring your business is AI-ready has a huge number of benefits, including reaching and retaining customers, raising productivity, improving partnerships and cutting costs and overheads. The tax credits will also be a huge benefit to qualifying businesses.

“But ignoring it could mean falling behind your competition and ultimately failing as others around you evolve.”

Ross Harling, managing director of DX.company, said: “The ‘as is’ to AI package has been specially developed to address the particular needs of UK SMEs. It will transition an SME from whatever its current state is through a digital transformation phase to be ready to use AI.”

The package starts with your current situation, with DX.company consultants first auditing the digital readiness of your systems, data and culture, and then progresses through five structured stages identifying innovations and new business opportunities.

Small teams of highly experienced technical and business consultants work closely with you and your staff in short productive workshops to implement your new AI business model.

“Thanks to DX.company, we will be able to take SMEs from their current state to AI-ready so that it adds real value to their bottom line and enables them to progress,” added Rob.

“The right time to find out if your business is digital-ready is right now – before it’s too late.”

To find out how your business can benefit from digital transformation visit www.inspirebiz.co.uk