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Perseverance pays off for Godmother’s new intern

Written by Peter Davison on .

Jordan HarryJordan HarryPerseverance paid off for sports and social sciences student Jordan Harry, who has won an internship with Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother.

The European triple jump competitor first discovered Alison when she was speaking at an event for entrepreneurial students held at the University of Bath in September.

After a one hour talk, Jordan was fascinated, and wanted to learn more.

Alison was more than happy to hire Jordan, on one condition: he had to be able to help her maximise capacity at her events.

That night he sent her an e-mail, the next month he sent her an e-mail. His third email was sent on Christmas day, and finally, in March 2017, his e-mail gave him a 30-minute opportunity to pitch to Alison over the phone and resulted in him securing his new exciting internship.

As Sales and Customer Experience intern, Jordan’s role will include welcoming customers and introducing them to our new on line courses and packages.

“Joining The Entrepreneur’s Godmother is a game-changing opportunity for me to grow as an entrepreneur and learn the importance of sales and customer service in the overall business structure,” said Jordan, who has his own start-up, called StudyFast, which teaches students around the UK how to speed read.

“Alison's brand is gaining international attention and being able to contribute to that is a fantastic opportunity.”

Alison added: “I am truly thrilled to have Jordan on board, I always reward tenacity, it’s a core competency for sales, and with the launch of our new products, I couldn’t think of a better time to have Jordan’s energy, mind-set and skills join us.

“He has proven himself as an entrepreneur and I am more than happy to mentor him to take him further. I’ve always loved working with young people and now I have a great opportunity to accelerate Jordan’s knowledge, sales ability and business acumen to progress his future career path.”