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Safari park seeks zebra crossing operative

Written by Peter Davison on .

Longleat keeper Sami CowieLongleat keeper Sami CowieYou couldn't make this up... Longleat is looking for a new employee to earn their stripes as a zebra crossing operative.

The operative will be helping humans to safely cross the road into the East Africa Village – home to wildebeest, ostriches, giraffe and zebras – during the busy Christmas period.

The zebras, as keeper Ryan Hockley explained, are perfectly capable of getting across the road themselves.

"They are used to motor vehicles travelling through their spacious enclosure and they’ve become model pedestrians,” he said.

“In the wild they often congregate with giraffes as the height and eyesight of the giraffe and the keen hearing of the zebra offer mutual protection against predators."