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Packaging contractor secures future talent early to support growth

Written by Peter Davison on .

Paul Davis and Pearl BragancaPaul Davis and Pearl BragancaPharmaceutical packaging contractor Wasdell is planning early to support future growth by offering permanent positions to two of their current interns, ready for them to take up the roles in summer 2019.

IT interns Paul Davis, 28, and Pearlicia Braganca, 21, are both completing degrees at the University of the West of England. Both are required to complete a year’s placement in industry as part of their course and are set to graduate next year.

Both have been given specific projects to support the IT department and streamline processes across the entire company, which also has premises in Burnley and Newcastle.

Pearl, who is studying for her BSc in Information Technology Management for Business, has developed a bespoke entry and security tracking system for use by permanent and temporary staff. As Wasdell is licensed to handle restricted and controlled pharmaceutical products, this system builds on their previous one with added features specifically designed for the business. She has also developed a time management system for the warehouse staff, making it more user-friendly than their current way of recording time spent on tasks.

Pearl, who is from Swindon, said: “I didn’t expect to find a placement here in Swindon where I could develop my skills; I thought I would have to go elsewhere. I’m very glad to be at Wasdell as I’ve learnt a lot and I’m proud that I can put this on my CV as well as know I have a job to return to after my course.”

Paul is completing a BSc in Computer Science and has been working on bespoke programs to support the sales and validation operations of the business, including a quality management system used by the quality assurance department to ensure that all equipment is up to standard and meeting the needs of the company.

Paul added: “I’ve really been able to develop my skills during this internship and it has been such a good opportunity to create programs with a practical application and see them put to use. Having the freedom to create solutions to problems has meant I’ve learnt a lot and it is very motivating to see your work being used across the company.”
Pearl and Paul are part of the fourth set of interns that have been placed with Wasdell, with the interview process now starting for next year’s intake.

Martin Tedham, managing director of Wasdell, added: “Wasdell is set to grow rapidly over the next few years and so it is important for us to be able to secure the best talent as early as possible.

“Paul and Pearl have both developed systems for us that are already proving immensely useful and we are sure that they will prove to be indispensable members of the team when they return permanently next year.

"They will also be helping to support and train future interns too so we can be confident of having an excellent IT department to support all of Wasdell’s activities into the future.”