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Swindon estate agent welcomes back boomerang staff

Written by Peter Davison on .

Simon Legge Austen Gray Tracey Vasko Guy Devine and Ben DeaconSimon Legge Austen Gray Tracey Vasko Guy Devine and Ben DeaconSwindon estate agency Castles has welcomed back five members of staff who had previously left the company to further their careers or for family reasons.

Austen Gray, Ben Deacon, Simon Legge, Tracey Vasko and Guy Devine have all been welcomed back by managing director Mark Noble.

Property consultant Austen Gray left Castles last year after four years to work for Strakers, but has now returned to the valuation team.

"What I love about Castles is the confidence that the sales team gives me, marketing property immediately," said Austen.

"Quite often, we achieve first day viewings in advance of the property being displayed on the internet."

Senior sales consultant Ben Deacon joins Austen in the valuation team, following an absence of 12 years.

Ben left to take up a role as branch manager with another estate agent and enjoyed a period of time with online agency Hatched, but has chosen to return to Castles, even when he had several job offers.

"I decided to come back to Castles due to the passion that Mark has displayed on the service side and truly believe that my online experience couple with Castles track record of success will make Castles the agent of choice for those seeking a traditional agent with online experience," said Ben.

Branch manager Simon Legge worked on the sales side of the business during his early days with Castles and moved over to run the lettings department before leaving to further his sales career with R A Bennett.

After 18 months, he came back to Castles because, "It is a driven company and the MD, Mark Noble, wants to be the very best in the town for his clients and all of his team."

Lettings manager Tracey Vasko left Castles in April 2018, but returned to the business recently. "I love the exceptional level of service Castles provides and the level of commitment from the team, making my return to Castles in August 2018 a no brainer," she said.

And office administrator Guy Devine has returned to the firm after leaving in 2011. "I never wanted to leave Castles all those years ago and I was delighted to return for a managing director whose passion and drive to be the best is infectious," he said.

Mark Noble said: "While some agents are suffering in the current market conditions, Castles are getting stronger because these amazing people have taken the decision to come back to Castles and make a real difference for all our customers."

Since 2002 Castles has exchanged on 4,000 properties in Swindon. Last year the firm was voted best estate agent in Swindon by past clients via