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Expert opinion: Making Twitter work harder for your business

Written by Laura Brown and Pete Andrews on .

Laura Brown and Pete AndrewsLaura Brown and Pete AndrewsTwitter is a fantastic platform for generating fast paced brand awareness, increasing website traffic and taking the opportunity to engage directly with your target audience.

Its fast-paced and short, pithy messages are perfect for getting news and comments out, as and when they happen.

With only 140 characters, you’d expect brands to struggle to get their messages across eloquently and effectively. However it’s the complete opposite.

Established in March 2006, Twitter was introduced for the purpose of sharing short messages with small groups. Today, the Social Media platform has more than 319 million monthly active users, tweeting more than 340 million times a day – that’s a vast audience to speak to.

With this in mind, why would you not be using social media, specifically Twitter, to shout about your business?

News is now considered to be broken on Twitter first, followed by TV, online articles and then featured in the daily newspaper the next day.

This gives businesses, brands, customers and individuals a unique opportunity to have their voices heard and shared on a global basis.

On the day of the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter proved to be the largest source of breaking news, with 40 million tweets sent by 10pm that evening – breaking news, making comments and picking sides.

Twitter has developed over time into a really useful platform for businesses and new features are being introduced all the time, which helps to increase the benefits for corporate users.

Most recently, the detailed Twitter analytics and the ability to tag other users in tweets, are particular features which are proven to generate a real boost for businesses using Twitter as a marketing channel.

“Twitter Lists” and “Twitter Networking Hours”, both allow Twitter users to boost their engagement levels, and most importantly, reach their target audience.

Making the most of these features is fundamental to making Twitter a successful channel for doing business. When many businesses first venture over to Twitter – often from Facebook – it all feels very alien and lonely, making the most of these two features is the perfect cure for that.

Engagement along with your Twitter success, will soar.

Other exciting developments include #SBS with Theo Paphitis which was launched in 2010, which encourages SMEs to shout about their fantastic work to one of the UK’s most influential business owners.

Every week between 5pm and 7.30pm, Paphitis invites small businesses to describe their businesses to him in one tweet – 140 characters – with the hashtag #SBS and mentioning @TheoPaphitis.

Then every Monday at 8pm, Theo chooses his favourite lucky six, who are then re-tweeted to his audience of more than 500,000 followers.

It’s an incredible opportunity for businesses to gain lots of added exposure and promotion, through one tweet and one account.

The key to any success is putting yourself out there and meeting new people. From a Social Media perspective, the hint is in the name – it’s a social channel, so ensure you are getting involved in conversations, tell people when you love their posts and make new connections.

The more you engage, ultimately, the more people will engage with you! Create a content strategy for each week and stick to it – this way you can ensure you’re sharing your news with the world and not missing opportunities when you’re busy.

Introtweet is a leading social media management and training company, based in Somerset and delivering social media management and training across the UK. Established by Laura Brown (27) and Pete Andrews (28), in July 2013, it has grown into a flourishing Social Media business.

The core of Introtweet is Social Media management, and as former teachers, Introtweet use their skills to deliver bespoke Social Media training either 1-1 or via large scale in-house workshops working with business from one man bands to international businesses, as well as regularly speaking at events and conferences – including a seminar titled, How to Use Twitter to Engage with Your Target Audience at the Salisbury Big Business on Thursday, April 27.

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