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Expert advice: How to develop your email marketing audience

Written by Rhiannon Higgs on .

Rhiannon HiggsRhiannon HiggsFollowing GDPR, you may be looking to grow your email marketing list, but did you know that smaller, more engaged email lists produce better results than large, uninterested ones?

So, how are you going to keep your opt-ins interested?

The ingredients to a healthy list

To create a healthy email list, there are a few things you need to do from the get go, including:

  • taking advantage of all your opportunities – use your website to encourage sign ups through the use of embedded forms and light-box forms.
  • being honest - honesty is the best policy so make sure you’re telling people exactly what they’re signing up too.
  • providing a reason – why should someone sign up? Giving a benefit will encourage people to join your email list.
  • collecting relevant data – the sign up form is your opportunity to gather all the information which you wish to know.


Your subscribers have chosen to opt-in therefore, they are already engaged. Automation is a great tool available on our email marketing system which enables you to maintain that level of engagement with your subscribers.

You can use automation for:

  • welcoming new subscribers – welcome emails are one of the most successful emails. By creating an automated welcome email, you are immediately initiating a relationship with very little effort.
  • data based emails – you can send personalised automated emails for occasions like birthdays using the data collected via the sign up form.

Keeping it relevant

Segmenting your audience using the data which you hold for your subscribers is a great way to keep things relevant and interesting. The type of data you can segment includes:

data collected via sign up form
how they signed up
open/click results

Win them back

If you’ve tried everything possible to get your subscribers' attention, don’t worry: we’ve got one last trick. Time to launch a re-engagement campaign!

Sixty three percent of marketers say that re-engagement campaigns are extremely effective and are proven to grab your subscribers attention.

Remember, don’t send anything which you wouldn’t want to receive yourself. This way you’re more than likely to maintain a great email marketing list.

Rhiannon Higgs is an account executive at creative design agency Resolution Design.