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Social media expert to give tips to children on Safer Internet Day

Natalie ShermanSocial media expert Natalie Sherman will be telling Trowbridge primary school children how to stay safe online during Safer Internet Day 2019.

Natalie, founder of Naturally Social, will join Kathryn Price from technological support firm KSPTechCare to deliver a special assembly at Southwick Primary School on Tuesday, February 5.

Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally with the theme Together for a Better Internet.

"When change is the only constant within today’s tech savvy community, it’s difficult to know how to keep your children safe online.

"Seventy one percent of young people claim social media platforms do not do enough to prevent cyber bullying," said Natalie.

Every child will get a copy of Caught in the Web, a booklet for parents and children produced by The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, courtesy of Naturally Social and KSPTechCare.

“We are thrilled to have sponsored this booklet! Cyber security, internet bullying and identity fraud are all covered, so it’s very informative”, said Kathryn.