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Growing housing group expands HQ

Rodger Shipway, marketing and sales manager, Barry Wood, managing director for GreenSquare Homes, Jo Curson, head of development, and Tony Knight, construction managerGrowing housing group GreenSquare has expanded its offices at Methuen Park, Chippenham. Thirty staff recently moved into a newly-converted wing at the housing group's headquarters.

The building, previously a building supplies warehouse, is now home to staff from the development, sales and marketing, and construction teams who were previously based in Swindon.

Barry Wood, managing director for GreenSquare Homes, said: "By consolidating our workforce and making better use of space we already had, we’ve not only been able to make savings – which we are able to reinvest into providing services for customers – but also improve the efficiency of how we operate.

"Our GreenSquare Homes teams work on securing and building new homes for affordable rent, shared ownership and sale.

"Profits from selling new homes are used to support growth ensuring the group's ability to build more affordable homes for a range of customers.

“Already these teams are benefiting from being able to work more closely with GreenSquare colleagues, with a more joined-up and streamlined approach. This all goes towards our ongoing efforts to transform how we grow as a business.”

As well as its Chippenham headquarters, GreenSquare has offices in Gloucester and Oxford to support its operations in those areas. The group employs over 600 staff and manages 12,000 properties.