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Financial planner accepted into Society of Later Life Advisers

Carolyn MatraversAn adviser at Melksham-based financial planning firm Old Mill has been accepted into the prestigious Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) organisation.

Carolyn Matravers is the second Old Mill adviser to become accredited. She joins colleague Chris Tweedie, who qualified five years ago.

“The increasingly complex nature of later life finances means that it can be a total minefield for older people and their families, so having expert advice from someone who can take a holistic view of the whole later life market, as well as care funding matters, is absolutely vital," said Carolyn.

"Often advisers will have knowledge in some areas but not others. This means that many older people are either not getting enough help or support for their needs, or are receiving incomplete or inaccurate advice.

"My role is to provide support, guidance and a listening ear at a most vulnerable time for individuals and their families. My 19 years of experience means I can help people navigate the complexities of the care system and provide the information required to make informed financial decisions.”

Carolyn covers everything from ensuring that the individual is receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled, to addressing the more complex financial planning needs.

She works closely with her clients, their children and grandchildren and alongside accountants, other financial planners and solicitors. She carries out direct work which includes liaising with the Office of the Public Guardian and acting as a mediator between families and the Local Authority.

SOLLA was formed in 2008 as a ‘not for profit’ society dedicated to helping people and their families find trusted accredited financial advisers who understand the financial needs of later life.

SOLLA accreditation is the Gold Standard for later life financial advice, and all advisers have to pass a rigorous assessment and attain the required qualifications to gain accreditation.

All SOLLA advisers are also independently assessed for the quality of advice that they give and listed on the SOLLA website to allow older people and their families to find an accredited adviser near them.