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Renewable energy company to supply power to iconic tower

British Airways i360Renewable energy company Good Energy has partnered with British Airways i360 to supply the Brighton landmark with 100 percent clean power.

The Chippenham-based company will supply the site with 1,900,000 kilowatt hours of renewable power over two years, an estimated saving of 667,000 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide – equivalent to a new car driving from London to Beijing 518 times.

Randall Bowen, marketing, sales and commercial director at Good Energy, said: “The i360 has fast become a landmark attraction in the UK.

"High-profile sites like this choosing renewables will support a greener grid and educate consumers.

"100 percent clean power is key to fighting the climate crisis and more businesses than ever are aware of the need to switch."

Brokers A Greener Solution worked closely with the i360 to ensure the competitive contract was awarded at the lowest possible cost, protected from market fluctuations and came from only 100 percent renewable sources.

A spokesperson at British Airways i360 said: “British Airways i360 was built with sustainability at its heart and everyone working here is committed to delivering responsible operations.

"As part of our continued commitment to the environment, we are delighted to be partnering with A Greener Solution to provide BA i360 with 100 percent renewable electricity.”

Keian Sanchez, director at A Greener Solution, said: “It is fantastic news that British Airways i360 are continuing their journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral and showing their commitment to a sustainable future.

"We look forward to working closely with i360 moving forward and we are pleased to cement our close relationship with Good Energy and showcase the great work by all parties.”

Opened in August 2016, the i360 is the tallest moving observation platform in the world and, at 162 meters high, the tallest visitor attraction outside of London.