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Manufacturer thinks outside the box with new product launch

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The Rapitainer returnable transit packaging in useThe Rapitainer returnable transit packaging in usePackaging and materials handling specialist GWP Correx have announced the launch of a new returnable packaging system, which aims to cut the waste created by single-use cardboard boxes.

The Rapitainer system – manufactured from durable Correx plastic – is targeted at businesses using high volumes of standard corrugated cardboard packaging.

The returnable boxes can yield significant cost savings when compared with single-use cardboard boxes, with reductions of up to 75 percent possible.

Ian Cook, managing director at Cricklade-based GWP Correx, said: "Many businesses may be needlessly wasting money by using single trip transit packaging.

"As a typical example, single use cardboard boxes could cost around £1.50 per unit, depending on their specification. Whilst an equivalent Rapitainer could cost between £10 and £15 per unit, it can be used for well in excess of 200 trips.

“This means that the cost per trip per box could actually be as low as 7 pence – a huge saving compared with £1.50 for the single-use carton.”

Rapitainer boasts a number of other benefits and innovative features. Its tapeless closure system allows for quicker assembly of boxes, whilst also eliminating the cost of the tape itself.

It folds flat for efficient return transit, and up to 10 Rapitainer cartons can be collapsed and stored within a single assembled container.

Ian Heskins, business development director at GWP Group, added: “Most people think of plastic as the very opposite of environmentally friendly.

"But by reusing the cartons over hundreds of trips, the materials and energy involved in manufacturing and then recycling single-use cardboard boxes is greatly reduced. Plus, Rapitainer is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.”