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Swindon organisation launches UK's only artificial intelligence qualification


Tomorrow's experts in artificial intelligence will be trained by Swindon-based BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

More than seven million UK jobs are expected to be created in AI over the next 20 years in industries as diverse as transportation, finance, healthcare, and banking. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025 more than half of all workplace tasks will be performed by machines.

To meet the challenge, BCS has launched the UK's only accredited certification programmes in AI. The new Foundation Certificate incorporates learning on both the academic theory and practical applications of AI, providing definition and standardisation to this newly emerging area of IT.

Cheryl Cumberworth, director of products and standards at BCS, said: "Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our workplace, technology and wider society meaning there is a greater need to study this area to ensure there is a level of expertise and professionalism within the industry.

“The training will help increase a candidate’s value to their organisation and support their career progression. The BCS certification has been developed by industry experts ensuring relevant skills. It is based on best practice and mapped to SFIAplus to support career progression.”

And addressing one of the major concerns about the emerging technology, BCS is also committed to ensuring that ethics should be at the heart of all AI based products. "If we think before we develop, build and make we can ensure everybody shares in the technology's befits," said Cheryl.