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Cleantech company gets royal seal of approval

Professor Peter Hammond (centre) tells Prince Charles how CCm's innovative fertiliser is made


A company that takes waste products and turns them into useful materials has received the royal seal of approval from the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles visited Swindon-based cleantech company CCm Technologies to hear about the firm's innovations, which are making use of waste products and – importantly – taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and locking it into physical products.

The Prince, who takes an interest in organic farming, met senior representatives from the UK water utility and wastewater industry. A discussion session around the circular economy challenges facing the sector, and how resources currently held within the water industry can be more efficiently recovered and optimised to help reduce the effects of Climate Change, was chaired by CCm's chief technology officer, Professor Peter Hammond.

CCm Technologies converts captured carbon dioxide and other waste streams, such as ammonia and phosphate, into stable value-added materials with multiple uses across global priority sectors of food/agriculture, advanced materials, energy storage.

Its fertiliser and soil conditioner uses captured carbon dioxide from industrial power generators. The carbon footprint of its product is 85 percent lower than those made by traditional fertiliser manufacturing techniques.

The company has also developed a fibre which absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide becomes permanently fixed to the fibre surface and the resultant coated fibres can be incorporated into a wide range of plastics, including polypropolene, polythenes, and polyamide.

CCm Technologies was established in 2011 by four founding directors – Gordon Horsfield, Pawel Kisielewski, Peter Hammond and Richard Morse – all of whom still work for the company at board level. The firm's head office is in Oxford, and its technology centre is in Stratton, Swindon.