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Swindon film company's creepy horror secures nationwide release

A scene from Sacrilege


A horror film by a Swindon-based production company has secured a nationwide release. Sacrilege by Bad Blood Films will be screened at Cineworld theatres from March 6.

Described as The Ritual meets Eden Lake, the horror-thriller follows the fortunes of five friends who stumble on a pagan cult ritual while on an idyllic country retreat.

It is the first film from the independent British horror and thriller film production company founded by Mark Kenna, a veteran of the film industry with more than 22 years’ experience working globally as a senior consultant for Dolby, and David Creed, an award-winning writer/director with adverts, promos, music videos and short films for Orange, L’Oreal, Renault, Rolls Royce and Pernod under his belt.

"We're delighted that Sacrilege has already secured UK distribution with Cineworld," said Mark. "It comes at just the right time for UK film. We know the industry is going through massive changes. You need to think big. It's not just about getting your film made. That's only the beginning."

"Bad Blood Films is built on innovative contributors here in the South West," added David. "We're always looking to push the boundaries in filmmaking. Whether being the first film production company to use a robot dolly (MotionImpossible), sourcing cast members from new platform (WeAudition), or partnering with cutting-edge cloud post-production company (Sundog). It's all part of our mission to use homegrown talent and resources."

Sacrilege was crewed, directed, filmed and produced in the South West.

The company is seeking investment to produce two films in 2020 and three films in 2021. Knock Knock, a home invasion horror, and The Devils Shadow, a serial killer horror – are currently in development.