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Search and rescue pick up a new pickup

Adrian Sawyer and police commissioner Angus Mcpherson with Martyn Lucas of Fussell Wadman Isuzu


A bespoke pickup providing a life-saving service has just been delivered by a Devizes dealership to Wiltshire Search & Rescue, a voluntary organisation set up to help Wiltshire Police find vulnerable and missing people in times of crisis.

The unique Isuzu D-Max has been fully kitted out with the very latest emergency response equipment.

Features include 360-degree work lights to aid night missions, hazard beacons to bring attention to the vehicle that it is on emergency call-out, electric power winch for when performing vehicle recovery from floods or other stranding scenarios, multi-frequency two-way radio for communicating with search and rescue team members including Police and other emergency services, and a sliding stretcher mounting for patient transport in the rear load area.

Mark Wadman, dealer principal at Fussell Wadman Isuzu, which is based at the Hopton Park Industrial Estate, said: “Our brand specialist Martyn Lucas worked with Matt Croft of Wiltshire Search and Rescue over the past twelve months, initially providing one of our demonstrators for them to evaluate and so they could compare its benefits versus the other brands shortlisted.

"The team chose the Isuzu D-Max over the competition because of its build quality, reputation, strength and comprehensive warranty.

"The Isuzu Workman provided the perfect vehicle with the standard options that Wiltshire Search and Rescue required. It has been our pleasure to work with the team on this project and we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with them.”

Adrian Sawyer, chairman of Wiltshire Search and Rescue, said “The new 4x4 allows us to be even more responsive over rough ground and in the very rural and isolated parts of the county that we are often called to.

"It has been a long process of planning, fundraising, procuring and now kitting out the vehicle, and it's testament to the hard work of many of the team that we can finally unveil the new vehicle.

"Our role takes us to some very isolated places and having this new vehicle will give the volunteers even more capability when our community needs us most.”

The primary role of the Isuzu D-Max will be to provide help and support to find vulnerable and missing people and allows emergency crews to reach remote areas in all conditions.

Wiltshire Search and Rescue currently has 75 volunteers in the team and in 2019, the team dedicated over 28,000 hours of their own personal time supporting Wiltshire Police and other emergency services.

Pictured: Adrian Sawyer and police commissioner Angus Mcpherson with Martyn Lucas of Fussell Wadman Isuzu