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A message from the editor - helping you through the coronavirus crisis

Peter Davison


I've been trying not to overuse the word 'unprecedented' – so... we go. We are all running businesses in the most unusual circumstances. Many of us have staff working remotely, or higher-than-normal levels of staff absence through sickness or self-isolation. Lots of us will be worried that customers are no longer coming to their door, even if that door is virtual. And a bunch of us – whether used to, or adjusting to, working from home – now have to care for our children while we try to work.

The good news for Business Biscuit and its advertisers is that there's been a huge jump in the number of people accessing our site, and they are staying longer once they reach us. Many are looking for avenues of business advice and support. Others, I suspect, have a little more time on their hands now they aren't commuting to work.

We're also seeing more submissions of editorial than usual. Businesses want to elevate their marketing voice – shouting the loudest as their competitors batten down the hatches – or share how they are helping their customers and communities. And that's great – keep it coming. But there's a caveat.

As an editorial-led publication, I've always made decisions on what and when to publish based on the editorial strength of an individual story. A slight preference has gone to advertisers, or to clients of my PR agency, Secret Agent Marketing – the people who make Business Biscuit a viable platform for business news in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Throughout this crisis I want to give back even more to those businesses that support this publication. So – while in no way diminishing the quality of the editorial – a greater preference will be given to advertisers, PR clients, and those who are willing to sponsor their editorial for the princely sum of £99.

Furthermore, I've taken the decision to freeze the cost of advertising on Business Biscuit until this crisis is over. And, for SMEs who come on board as new advertisers, or are renewing their contracts, I'm willing to accept monthly instalments to help you through any temporary cashflow situations you may be experiencing. For advertisers on the standard rate, that's less than £50 a month.

Details about advertising on this site – supporting the platform and helping you to stand head and shoulders above your competitors – can be found at https://www.businessbiscuit.com/advertise