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Historic airfield set to undertake flight operations to support animal welfare


Salisbury’s historic Old Sarum Airfield is set to assist with flight operations to support animal health checks during the fight against Covid-19.

Companies specialising in sensor technology to monitor the health of millions of poultry birds as well as the nation’s cows, sheep and pigs are now using the airfield to transport vets across the UK to complete nationwide checks and to respond to health issues as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson for Old Sarum Airfield said: “This work is a vital part in keeping the UK supply chain moving during the Covid-19 crisis and the owners of the airfield are delighted they can offer help to the nation during this unprecedented crisis.”

The airfield, which was established in 1917 has served the country through both World Wars, had until October last year been operating as a private airfield.

The site is currently the subject of a judicial review into whether a decision by the Planning Inspectorate to throw out a housing scheme is lawful.

The airfield's owners want to build 460 new homes on part of the site – plans which have been opposed by local residents and heritage campaigners.