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Chippenham Chamber looks for feedback on coronavirus impact

Kathryn Crosweller


Chippenham Chamber of Commerce is seeking information from local firms about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on their business.

In its capacity as a representative for businesses both large and small in the local area, Chippenham Chamber has a seat at two tables that provide the opportunity for businesses to have their views and experiences passed on to the Treasury.

President of Chippenham Chamber of Commerce, Kathryn Crosweller said, “As we know, some of the challenges COVID-19 presents to businesses will be the same across the country or across specific industries, but there is always regional variation.

"It is important for any Chamber of Commerce or similar group to get regular feedback from the members it represents to be sure that it has a good understanding of the local picture.”

The Chamber has put together a short survey to develop its understanding of Chippenham’s economic landscape with questions that include not only the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the business but also current feelings about the future.

“The situation has changed rapidly over the last two months, and at last things seems to be less volatile, although no less uncertain for many businesses. We have waited until now to reach out to businesses to give them an opportunity to evaluate where they are and give them the chance to look to the future," said Kathryn.

"The Chippenham Chamber board will be using the feedback received to assess how it can offer support to local businesses.”

The survey, which takes around five minutes to complete, can be found at https://bit.ly/2WpdLN3