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Help businesses bounce back – leave a positive review

Cyril Molitor


Consumers can help businesses bounce back from the coronavirus lockdown by leaving positive online reviews. That's the message from Swindon-based customer service experts Woven.

According to data published by the company, 72 percent of consumers will interact with a business as a result of reading positive reviews, with nearly a third spending more of their money with a business that has “excellent” online reviews.

And the data from the Trust in Online Customer Reviews study, published earlier this year, also found online reviews have the same impact on someone’s perception of a brand as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

“Whilst non-essential businesses have had a tough time during lockdown, positive feedback from customers could be a vital way to support them bounce back," said Cyril Molitor, chief executive of outsourcing provider Woven.

“A consistent flow of positive feedback from customers could result in tangible increases in much-needed income, whilst also supporting online marketing efforts, as a higher number of positive reviews can also boost a business’s search engine rankings.

“Online reviews have been around as long as online shopping and their influence is growing considerably stronger every year, to the extent that they now play a huge role in influencing customer behaviour, loyalty and ultimately spending habits.

“More than ever, with businesses set to be pushed to their limits, it is vital that we make a personal contribution to ensuring the businesses we love have the opportunity to prosper."