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Major planning framework for Salisbury gets seal of approval

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A major planning document which will help shape the future of Salisbury city centre has been unanimously endorsed by Wiltshire Council's strategic planning committee.

The committee meeting was the final stage in the development of The Salisbury Central Area Framework (CAF), which over the last couple of years has involved significant engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and two public consultations on the proposals.

The endorsed framework reflects the comments received from the public consultations held last summer and in January/February this year and provides a cohesive vision which will guide future developments and initiatives in the city centre to make it a more vibrant, attractive and sustainable place.

The CAF sets out five key themes:

  • Creating people-friendly streets - To make the central area a better place for people to move around safely, comfortably and in a more pleasant environment with reduced noise and air pollution and reduced greenhouse gas emissions; prioritising cycling, walking and public transport.
  • Improving open space and the environment - The delivery of a connected River Park through the city centre and improving connections between the existing green spaces to enhance nature, leisure and enjoyment.
  • Creating vibrancy - Enabling spaces and premises in the city to adapt to uses which provide entertainment and experiences to residents and visitors in addition to the day-to-day retail, leisure and service offer.
  • Bringing out Salisbury's qualities - To enhance buildings and spaces to best showcase the unique and beautiful heritage of Salisbury.
  • Identifying character areas and their role in the city - Defining identity and purpose to the various parts of the central area to enhance their character and roles.

Under each of these themes, various projects and initiatives are being progressed which will have a positive impact on Salisbury.

Councillor Philip Whitehead, leader of Wiltshire Council, said: "The CAF creates an exciting and challenging strategy to deliver a more vibrant and sustainable Salisbury. It provides an ambitious set of recommendations which seek to protect the environment, reduce the likelihood of flooding, and reduce motor vehicle movements through the city while ensuring the city remains accessible to all.

"Wiltshire Council and its partners have commenced initial work on a number of projects to deliver the objectives of the CAF and ensure the city recovers from the impacts of the nerve agent incidents of 2018, Covid-19 and adapts to the economic opportunities and challenges which face the city.

"Once funding has been secured we will involve local people again, so they can help shape the various projects moving forward."