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Covid: One in three Wiltshire firm has made redundancies – but two in three will be looking to hire again

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Dan Barfoot


One in three Wiltshire firms have been forced to make redundancies during the coronavirus pandemic, but two in three say they're likely to be recruiting again within the next six month.

That's one of the findings of a snapshot of the county's job market by leading recruitment firm CMD.

The firm asked business owners, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers in the county about the knock-on effects of the pandemic on their business and recruitment activity.

The snap shot was taken against a picture of falling profits for nearly four in ten respondents. 36.1 percent said they'd seen a drop in turnover, while 63.9 percent said sales had remained steady.


The survey found an almost equal split between businesses that did (52.8 percent), and did not (47.2 percent), furlough staff.

Of those companies that furloughed staff, 30 percent have now returned to the office on a full time basis, 19 percent have gone back on a part-time basis, and 21 percent have not returned to the office.

Just over four fifths of companies (81 percent) said they had implemented remote working.


Just over a quarter (27 percent) of respondents said they'd had to make redundancies, while 73 percent had so far managed to hold on to their entire workforce.

The good news for workers who have lost their jobs is that 62 percent of respondents said they intended to recruit again within the next six months.

Working practices

Nearly all of the businesses that responded (89.1 percent) said they had embraced flexible working. However, bosses don't seem all that keen to make home working the 'new normal' with 69/4 percent saying they thought staff productivity had decreased as a result.

Working hours have also reduced in about a third of businesses (29.7 percent) with 70.2 percent saying they had not had to reduce working hours from pre-Covid levels.

"With the recruitment landscape changing we have been working and providing dedicated consultative support to our clients throughout this difficult and unprecedented Covid-19 period," said Dan Barfoot, operations manager at CMD Recruitment.

"By targeting our survey only at Wiltshire businesses we hope to outline a true reflection on the impact Covid-19 has had to local businesses and identify future changes to Wiltshire’s employment market."