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Local partnership is a winning recipe for Arkell’s and Eclipse

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Dave Nutley, Matt Hadgraft and Lewis Abbott of Eclipse Labels


Two Swindon-based businesses are showing that when it comes to beer, local is definitely better.

Eclipse Labels, which based in Equity Trade Centre, has been supplying Arkell’s Brewery with labels for their bottled beers for over seven years. The business now supplies over 250,000 labels a year, including for the brewery’s Christmas ale, Sir Noel Ale, which is now hitting the supermarket shelves.

Alex Arkell, head brewer at Arkell’s, said: “Locality is a big thing for us, and that includes the provenance of our ingredients - our hops and barley - as well as our labels.

“Since we started working with them in 2013, Eclipse has grown very quickly but their quality has always remained outstanding. The quality of our labels is one of the most important things we do as it is the most customer-facing element of our business.

“They’ve been fantastic in everything that they’ve done – and even gone the extra mile to help us keep track of our labels. Dave Nutley, our Eclipse sales manager, even came to our brewery label store recently to sort through and reorganise the thousands of labels we have, helping us keep on track with stock levels.”

Labels for the food and drink industry is a specialism for Eclipse Labels, who also design and supply labels for the cosmetic and nutritional supplements sectors.

Managing director Darren Abbott said: “We’re very proud of our relationship with Arkell’s and seeing our labels on their bottles on shelves across the country and going the extra mile is something our team often does for all of our customers.

“We particularly enjoy working with local businesses and are also very keen to support British-made technology with our recently acquired label printing and finishing machines. By using the latest technology we can often provide a faster and higher quality service, which underpins everything we do for all of our customers, no matter which industry they operate in.”

Pictured: Dave Nutley, Matt Hadgraft and Lewis Abbott of Eclipse Labels