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Swindon firm launches 'Uber for security industry'

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A Swindon firm has launched an online platform it calls the 'Uber of the security industry'.

InstaENG acts as a trusted source for customers to post jobs in specialities from security engineers for CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and fire systems, which businesses or sole traders can then bid for.

Swindon-based SSGC says the platform democratises the process, making it leaner, more efficient, and fully transparent. It claims the platform will transform the industry.

Engineers who sign up to InstaENG enjoy the opportunity of connecting directly with large national blue-chip organisations and benefit from increased revenue as the cost of the supply chain is eliminated.

The platform has already secured business worth £2 million from blue-chip clients across the country, covering more than 1,500 properties across the UK.

SSGC has seen its turnover soar throughout 2020 after working with Government-appointed agency Serco to rapidly recruit and deploy more than 4,000 staff to deliver Covid-19 test centres.

Joint founder David Stubbs said: “InstaENG is a truly unique offering which eliminates the margin from the dominant security providers. Allowing businesses to deal directly with local engineers using an embedded specification routine that ensures a transparent safe transaction.

“Following on from our success with SSGC, we have utilised our expert knowledge of the security sector to launch InstaENG, along with the cutting-edge technology we have pioneered within the industry.”

Guy Dungworth, co-founder of InstaENG, added: “The website allows a business to directly request a specific skillset, to which appropriate suppliers pitch.

“It ensures both ends of the supply chain receive the best deal possible and, crucially, is an incredibly efficient process, with the capability of turning around jobs and requests in a matter of hours.”

Pictured: David Stubbs and Guy Dungworth