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Provider picks Swindon for its first UK data centre

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A new UK data centre provider has launched with its first centre in Swindon.

SilverEdge DC is in the process of building a data centre portfolio in strategic edge locations around major UK business hubs.

SilverEdge said it had chosen Swindon as the location for its first centre due to its favourable location in the M4 corridor and because it is home to a large number of tech companies.

The firm said its strategic investment will help to support edge computing and follows other high-profile companies looking to open data centres in the area.

The new company will utilise the excess supply in power in edge towns, which is comparably higher to more urban locations.

This allows SilverEdge to offer more competitive prices to its clients whilst maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and security.

The Swindon data centre provides 37,000 sq ft of space with the availability of 7.5 megavolt amperes of power.

"Data centres are absolutely integral to the UK's infrastructure and SilverEdge DC has ambitious plans to become a significant player in the market over the coming years," said managing director Greg McCulloch.

"This is the start of a strategic investment for us in edge sites up and down the country. We will be targeting locations on the outskirts of major centres across the UK which will allow us to offer a high calibre, secure offering at competitive prices.

"We are extremely pleased that our Swindon site is operational and look forward to bringing other centres online in the coming months."