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Half of office workers not confident about returning without vaccinations in place

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Just half of UK office workers feel confident about returning to work without a full vaccinated workplace.

That's according to research by digital coaching specialist Ezra, which found that 80 percent of UK office workers weren’t required to be vaccinated before returning to work.

Just 51 percent of respondents said they felt confident returning to work when either they or their colleagues aren’t required to have a vaccination.

A further 28 percent stated they weren’t confident about a return to the workplace, while 21 percent remained on the fence.

Although vaccinations aren’t a requirement in the majority of workplaces, Ezra’s research shows that precautions are, at least, being taken in many offices.

Socially distanced desks and workspaces and a reduced number of onsite staff were the most prominent precautions being taken (20 percent), while some companies are removing staff social events (14 percent) to reduce the chance of catching Covid.

Some offices are preventing external face-to-face meetings from taking place in order to protect workers, with others requiring PPE in the workplace (10 percent), as well as restricting use of shared communal areas or shared resources such as kitchens (10 percent).

Weekly Covid tests were less prominent (6six percent), with reduced internal meetings also largely taking place (nine percent).

“It’s understandable that many of us might feel anxious about returning to the workplace while the threat of Covid remains such a big part of our day to day lives. Unfortunately, at these early stages we’re having to do so in the knowledge that either ourselves, or our colleagues, might not be fully vaccinated and remain vulnerable," said Ezra founder Nick Goldberg.

"However, for many businesses, this slow return to normality is a vital part of their strategic plan for the year ahead and so many of us will be required to brave the workplace at some point or another.

"The good news is that the vast majority of offices have a range of protocol in place to ensure the utmost safety of their employees and adhering to these should ensure a safe and harmonious workplace for all involved.”

Survey of 1,035 UK office workers carried out by Ezra on April 22, with results published this week.

Image by rawpixel.com