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This Too Will Pass - poignant sculpture unveiled in Salisbury

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This Too Will Pass


First Novichok, then Covid. Salisbury businesses – perhaps more than most – have had a rough time of it.

Now a new sculpture reminds the public that This Too Will Pass – and urges the people of the town to think positively about the future.

The temporary sculpture was commissioned by Salisbury Business Improvement District (BID) and will remain in place on Salisbury High Street over the summer.

It takes its name from an ancient Persian adage that reflects on the temporary nature of the human condition, and was made famous in the West when used in a speech by Abraham Lincoln.

The BID originally commissioned the sculpture as part of City on the Move, the 800th anniversary celebrations of Salisbury Cathedral, last year, but installation was delayed by the closure of non-essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The tough times seen by businesses over the last year has made the sculpture even more poignant, with its design focusing on movement and reflection.

Robin McGowan, chief executive of Salisbury BID said: “We’re delighted with Tim’s imaginative design for Salisbury’s High Street and look forward to seeing residents and visitors engaging with the sculpture as they come into the city for shopping, sightseeing and eating and drinking.

"With many of our businesses now open following the recent lockdowns the sculpture will act as an attraction and boost Salisbury’s offering.”

The sculpture was designed by artist, Tim Scrace. Components include stone, to represent the construction of the cathedral, and boards, which members of the public can mark with chalk "to help the city find its collective voice."

“I am keen for the sculpture to be interactive, a place and a platform for the community to reflect on the past, make sense of this moment, and to build a better future,” said the artist.

The sculpture was funded by Arts Council England’s National Lottery Funding Grant.

 Image: Salisbury BID