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Online public speaking training programme plugs gap in market

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Chris Dawes


A pioneering programme in public speaking and presentation training, combining online on-demand with live, interactive support and a skills academy, has been launched by trainer Chris Dawes.

Complementing Chris’s face-to-face training – which is coming back on-stream, with Covid restrictions being lifted – the online public speaking training programme plugs the gap between live training sessions and downloadable DIY courses.

Chris, managing director of Open Dawes Training Ltd, based in Swindon, believes the programme meets the needs of clients wanting to complete training in their own time, while still having support from an expert, on tap.

“We use the phrase ‘your place, your pace’, because clients can complete the training when it suits them,” said Chris. “But we wanted to offer more than just a programme to download. We have a whole suite of learning tools, with videos, audio and workbooks, and each learner has access to a student dashboard.

“On top of this, they have access to me, and they can bolt on extra mentoring on top. We also have an academy running via Facebook, where each ‘student’ can interact with their peers and myself and the team. We’re even planning to have a weekly speaker slot, where one of the students will deliver a talk or presentation, and get constructive peer feedback from experts and fellow learners.”

Chris stressed the aim of the course was learning for life.

“With my regular, face-to-face training courses, delegates are with me for a day and then they are off and running, and that’s great. This is a bit different, while still complementing our face-to-face service. This is all about ongoing development, at their pace, still with live trainers, but which they can keep going back to with ongoing access, to refresh, refine and improve. Plus on top they have peer support through the academy.

“We want our candidates to go from consciously competent to subconsciously competent, so speaking and presenting become natural. That doesn’t mean they no longer get nervous, for example – I still get very nervous – but the process becomes familiar and then works every time. A bit like driving; you just do it, without thinking about it.”

The course is also accessible on an app, making it even easier to dip in and out of anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

As well as the full Communication Skills that Remove Limits programme, Open Dawes Training has launched two free downloads: one on overcoming nerves and a second on three killer ways to start a presentation.

There is also a more comprehensive, paid for version of the ‘overcoming nerves’ – comprising a 15-part video course – and also for ‘starting a presentation’ via an eight-part audio course.

The aim of all the on-demand services is to help learners develop public speaking skills which will enable them to grow and develop their businesses.

Chris added: “The goal is to help people grow in their confidence, willingness and ability to present and to speak in front of others, whether that is presentations, speeches, training provision, or participating in meetings, while at the same time being true to themselves and remaining authentic. That’s priceless in the business world, when people buy from people.”

For more information about Open Dawes Training’s CPD accredited face-to-face and online training services visit www.opendawestraining.co.uk