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Tech start-up says collaboration is key to digital transformation

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Richard Sealy


A new tech start-up with its roots in Swindon wants to prove collaboration is key to sustainable digital transformation.

Companies all over the world are under increasing pressure to explore and embrace digital technologies to increase efficiency and compete effectively – yet most fail to do so.

While many do commit to digital transformation, research has found only ‘thirty percent of transformation programmes met or exceeded their target value and resulted in sustainable change’.

Now two pioneers, who are respected across the world for their success in digital transformation. believe they have a solution – Ntegra CATALYST.

Andy Jefferies, founder of Ntegra, a Swindon-based technology practice and Richard Sealy, a Swiss-based strategic management specialist (pictured) have joined forces to launch their unique solution.

Ntegra CATALYST is a professional digital hub where a network of start-ups, data scientists, developers and infrastructure offer an “on-demand” innovation team.

This allows management teams to access the best expertise globally in a given subject or specialism at an affordable cost. These solutions can then be tested, tried and implemented more effectively.

And the Ntegra CATALYST innovation team are already working on delivering six projects for companies worldwide.

Richard Sealy said: “To achieve real sustainable change through digital transformation, organisations need to have dynamic access to skills and scarce resources.

"Individuals who are key to that change within any organisation also want continuous learning and development. Ntegra CATALYST provides that opportunity.”

Andy Jefferies added: “Ntegra has been a keen advocate and enabler of digital transformation for many organisations.

"Time and again, however, we recognised the complex and practical challenges our clients face around the implementation and adoption of new technologies and business models amidst competing priorities and technical uncertainty.

"We are proud to be championing a new collaborative approach for companies that want to stay abreast and exploit new technology to drive efficiencies and new business opportunities.

"Our goal is to help clients mutualise the cost of R&D and accelerate the validation and adoption of new technologies and techniques to drive real business value."

Ntegra CATALYST relies on a company’s willingness to share in the innovation process and potentially share the outcomes.

It begins with a company identifying a business objective or challenge for which an emerging technology may prove beneficial.

Typically, these technologies involve artificial intelligence, blockchain or similarly disruptive solutions. For example, the team are currently working on:

*a project to digitally manage complex documents where key information is automatically collated thus saving many hours of work for staff.

*a project to digitally create and manage data around forecasting flood risk globally.

*a project to digitally manage data to improve transparency and control of supply chains to prevent illicit trade.

Andy and Richard realised global collaboration could be the solution. Andy, through 18 years of business success, has built up a global network of emerging technology start-ups, VCs, incubators and R&D relationships.

Richard has been leading global organisations through outsourcing negotiations and implementation of secure supply chains.

However, he recognised the conventional approach to sourcing technology does not support innovation.