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Apprenticeships: Tech company welcomes latest apprentice

Written by Peter Davison on .

Taylor Salt


Technology company Ntegra has welcomed its latest apprentice Taylor Salt as an apprentice creative designer – during lockdown.

The 19-year-old, who lives in Marlborough, has recently joined the Swindon-based tech team and is being supported by his colleagues and completing his learning through Wiltshire College. 

Taylor said: “I have always been a practical and visual learner. After a couple of years at college I decided that I wanted to learn and have a role I could contribute to and gain experience from. I did some freelance work while studying and found real-life experience is more beneficial for me.

“With Ntegra, every day is exciting and I have already developed my skills as a creative designer further and have obtained a lot of experience while doing so. I have learned how to use a range of new design software, in particular UX/UI software as well as develop my skills within Adobe platforms. Most importantly I have been able to practice and gain experience working with clients and presenting ideas and projects to them.”

Katie Bullock, Ntegra’s HR manager, sees apprenticeships as an important element to the company’s recruitment strategy.

“We know from experience that apprentices thrive within our company and often will be extremely loyal to us because we value them so highly. We currently have three apprentices with us and to be able to recruit Taylor into our team has been of huge benefit to us. He’s embraced our culture and we salute him for being so engaged during the most challenging year any of us have ever faced.”

As Taylor joins the team, another apprentice Cormac Dunne, from Swindon has just completed his apprenticeship and has stayed on at Ntegra as a junior developer.

Cormac (23) said: “As my technical knowledge has expanded, I’ve been given tasks that challenge me in a positive way, building on what I was taught in the classroom, growing myself professionally and in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve managed to really improve my people skills in working and communicating with clients. The apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to work with and shadow people who have perfected their craft – what could be better than that?”

Ntegra will be one of a number of Wiltshire companies marking National Apprenticeship Week from February 8. This year’s national theme is ‘Build The Future’ and 100s of events will take place virtually across the week to encourage employers to take on apprentices and also for young people to explore it as a path to their career.

“If ever we need to ‘Build The Future’, it’s now,” Ntegra CEO Andy Langley said. “This pandemic has such a negative effect on the young and it’s made them fear for their future prospects and as a Swindon employer we’re proud to demonstrate that we want to nurture and develop young talent.”

This week (February 8 to 12) is National Apprenticeship Week