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Council leader appointed to head environmental lobby

Written by Peter Davison on .


The leader of Wiltshire Council has been appointed chairperson of the Countryside Climate Network.

The Countryside Climate Network is the rural voice of UK 100, a network of local government leaders campaigning for cleaner communities, with a focus on clean air, financing local energy solutions, and supporting the green economy.

Twenty-seven rural councils – representing 45 percent of England's landmass – are part of the organisation, which lobbies the government for government funding to help local authorities achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

A report published ahead of the weekend's G7 Summit, where the focus was on tackling climate change, highlighted the challenges faced by rural councils.

The report says that rural councils have received less funding and attention from the government in comparison to urban cities, and current national government policies are biased towards helping urban areas and large cities, rather than rural postcodes.

Richard Clewer, leader of Wiltshire Council and chairperson of the Countryside Climate Network said: “Rural areas have different strengths and face different challenges to urban areas. The CCN helps by sharing ideas across different rural areas which are making progress on different issues.

“It is absolutely vital in providing a clear voice to Government to highlight our unique challenges and opportunities on the pathway to Net Zero.”

"I look forward to working with colleagues from councils across the country to ensure rural voices are heard in the fight against climate change."