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Expert opinion: Planning for now and for the future is the key to getting through the pandemic

Written by Nigel Scott.

Nigel Scott


This is a time of unprecedented change and restrictions and it would not be surprising if you are feeling confused, worried, angry.

Many of us have particular concerns about the health of loved ones who are vulnerable or elderly. We may be far away from people we would like to have close to us at this time (or sometimes we might wish those close to us were further away – at least some of the time!).

Expert opinion: The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme explained

Written by Peter Jones.

Peter Jones


I am certain that most business owners who heard the Chancellor’s announcement on Friday breathed a sigh of relief. He announced an unprecedented and comprehensive list of measures to support firms both large and small.

I'm also aware that the announcement will have raised many specific questions regarding how, when and to whom the financial aid applies.

Expert opinion: Coronavirus – it's essential to be prepared

Written by Peter Jones, David Israel, Angela West.


Three HR and employment law experts take a look at Coronavirus and how it could affect your business. Peter Jones of the HR Dept Swindon and Wiltshire offers practical tips on keeping your employees and customers safe and your policies updated, while David Israel of Royds Withy King and Angela West of Goughs look at sick pay – and when it should (and shouldn't) be paid.

Sharing media coverage could breach copyright laws

Written by Fiona Scott.

Fiona Scott


Media coverage is an important part of any company's marketing mix, and if your business is lucky enough to be featured in a print publication you'll want to share a 'cutting' on your social media channels, your blog, or your website.

But an organisation called the National Licensing Authority, also known as the NLA Media Access, is currently actively slapping fines on organisations which are breaching copyright laws around the sharing of news articles online or otherwise in the UK.

No strategy equals no business

Written by Rob Perks.

Rob Perks


When it comes to life, there are two types of people – those who have everything mapped out right down to the last detail and those who don’t set any goals and see where life takes them. Neither outlook is wrong of course, and we are all different.

When it comes to business, however, just turning up every day with the mindset of ‘whatever happens, happens’ will mean you have little or no chance of growing.

Expert advice: Six ways to use public speaking skills to get the best from meetings

Written by Chris Dawes.

Chris Dawes


Face-to-face business meetings might be off the agenda for now, but they'll be back soon enough. Meanwhile, take this opportunity to improve your presentation technique.

If you thought public speaking wasn’t relevant to your business, then think again. Because whether or not you or your team have to stand up and address an audience, you are still speaking – to colleagues, clients, prospects, or suppliers – and so being effective is a key skill.

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