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Expert opinion: Managing holiday requests during the new normal

Written by Peter Jones.

Peter Jones


Like many aspects of people management, the process of managing holiday requests for employees has new “what if’s” involved due to the impact of coronavirus.

Whilst some people might not want to take holiday during a lockdown, there are others keen to use their annual leave right now for a multitude of reasons.

Expert opinion: Valid redundancy, or unfair dismissal?

Written by Ellie Humphris.

Ellie Humphris


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the UK economy. By the end of May, 8.7 million people were furloughed, with many businesses struggling with forced closures, huge reductions in sales and a sharp downturn in required services.

These business changes and closures will, no doubt, result in redundancies.

Expert opinion: How to be effective online in meetings, training and presentations

Written by Chris Dawes.

Chris Dawes


Lockdown has led to a boom in online meetings, webinars, presentations, demonstrations, and training. Business people who formerly presented face-to-face have been forced to turn to video software such as Zoom and Teams, and we have all probably experienced the full quality spectrum of them in the last three months.

Indeed, it is not just presenters and trainers who have moved online. Company owners and managers are now networking, meeting and liaising online with their teams, customers, prospects and suppliers.

Expert opinion: working from home cannot mean getting online and hoping for the best

Written by Chris Goodchild.

Chris Goodchild


Our lives have all been changed over these last months, and through no choice of their own, companies all around the world have also had to make changes to the way they work. Now their team members are working from home too.

This is completely new territory for many company directors or owners and creates issues, particularly around safety and security. Getting this right is important for any business, but particularly if you are running a business where you think ‘working from home’ may become part of your model as we come out of lockdown.

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