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What benefit does an office manager bring?

Written by Anna Marie Healy.

Anna Marie HealyWhat is an office manager? The response will depend on who is asked and their own personal experience of an office manager.

For me, an office manager is responsible for the total management of the business operation and that’s my role here at Haines Watts Swindon.

My aim is to maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability whilst minimising waste – of any kind. This is a journey with many quick wins and longer term goals.

Day to day tasks vary enormously, from sourcing the most cost effective energy provider to having an emergency needle and thread for those hem mishaps. I believe a good office manager is truly ready for anything asked of them.

Good project management and prioritisation skills are a necessity.

Being able to manage a team, answer client calls, provide assistance to the business partners and staff whilst being pulled in different directions and completing your own to-do list (all at the same time I might add) is daily life.

Even on those “I wish I had a duvet day” days, a positive and determined attitude is needed to smash through the challenges of the day with a big smile and a warm heart.

Although the office manager’s time is often not billable to clients – and could be seen by some as a cost centre – it can actually bring savings in time and in money for the business owners or partners.

Good office managers will have experience or qualifications such as Lean Six Sigma or Prince2 for example. These skills enable a streamlining of your business model by implementing processes that maximise productivity which ultimately creates a more efficient and profitable business that increases both employee and client satisfaction.

My top five attributes of an effective office manager are:

  • Clear project management skills
  • Ability to maximise efficiency and profitability
  • Excels at client care
  • Maintains facilities management
  • Creates an inclusive company culture

Choosing the right person for the role will ensure they become your go-to person, creating a partnership that takes your business, and the world, by storm.

And for all of the office managers out there, have confidence in everything you do and the choices you make and trust in your experience – you’ve got this.

Anna Marie Healy is office manger at chartered accountants Haines Watts