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Expert opinion: How can you use animated videos for business?

Written by Pam Jones.

Pam JonesIt is predicted that by 2022, 80 percent of all online traffic will be video. Producing animations is just one of the way you can incorporate video into your marketing mix. Here are four way you can use animation to promote your business:

1. Tell your company story in a fun way

In my opinion, most company websites have a very factual and sometimes serious set of pages about the company’s history. But you know what? The story doesn’t have to be told so seriously.

You can have fun telling your story using animated videos. It’s a great way for your customers and prospects to get to know you through a fun and very engaging medium. Include things like:

  • How the company began
  • Why it’s so unique
  • How your products and services have evolved
  • Key milestones in your company’s growth

2. Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews are a very positive way to promote your business. However, it can be difficult to get your customers in front of a camera to give that testimonial.

They might be too far from you. Or, they might not feel comfortable in front of the camera – even if you’ve asked them to film it themselves on their smartphone.

However, if you have written testimonials, then use a custom video to summarise the best and most positive part of the testimonials.

3. Social media adverts

Are you advertising on social media? Then instead of using photos, create short professional videos to grab your target market’s attention – fast. People scroll their news feeds very quickly. You have three seconds to try and stop your audience from scrolling and getting them to notice your ad.

Your animated video ad might be an offer, or encouraging people to take action, for instance downloading a resource, or trialing a service for free.

4. Market your products and services

Use animated videos to create compelling, high quality, marketing video content for your product and services. Explain how your products/services can help your prospect and why they should use your service/product.

Pam Jones is an e-learning designer, video creator, consultant and lover of all things creative and visual. She is director of Eight Interactive, helping businesses to create and visualise content. This column is also available as a video presentation: