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New Swindon poem now has a video

Written by Peter Davison .

Pebley Beach MD Dominic Threlfall and Swindon community poet Tony Hillier at the launch of Swindon DiamondsA new poem celebrating Swindon in its 175th year as a railway town has been released with an accompanying video.

Swindon Diamonds is read by its creator, community poet Tony Hillier, who performed at many of the key locations mentioned in the poem.

The poem, a celebration of Swindon and its achievements, was commissioned by Swindon and Cirencester-based motor dealer, Pebley Beach as part of the firm’s support of Swindon 175, which marks 175 years since the railway arrived in the town.

It was first performed as part of Swindon Festival of Literature back in September.

The video was filmed and edited by Swindon-based Create Studios.

"This is the first time we've commissioned a poem,” said Pebley Beach managing director, Dominic Threlfall.

“It’s been incredibly well received, and to hear the poet’s own words over the images of familiar Swindon scenes really brings it to life.”

The poem touches on cars and trains, but other Swindon innovations too, from the World War Two Spitfire to Garrard record decks.

Landmarks including Canal Walk, the Mechanics’ Institute, and – of course – the Magic Roundabouts are all name-checked.

The video even includes Tony playing table tennis in Quarry Road play park, while reciting a verse of the poem.

The three-and-a-half minute video is free to view at