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Lawyer set to challenge fear of heights and wing walk for charity

Written by Peter Davison .

Christine BuntingA Swindon lawyer is set to challenge her fear of heights next week when she wing walks for children’s charity, Cerebra.

Christine Bunting, director of Hyphen Law, the specialist Court of Protection law firm based in Swindon, will climb onto the wing of a 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane on Friday.

In the experienced hands of a pilot from the famous Breitling Wing Walking team, she will be flown across the Gloucestershire countryside as she wing walks to raise much-needed funds for Cerebra, a charity devoted to helping children and young people with brain-related conditions.

Her pilot will be taking her through a pulse-pounding, terrifying set of aerobatic manoeuvres, including lower level fly pasts and thrilling, heart-stopping dives.

Dare devil Christine is not averse to overcoming her fear of heights. Two years ago, much to the amazement of her family, friends and colleagues, she skydived over Salisbury Plain in aid of Cerebra, raising over £3,500 for the charity.

Now she’s braving the skies once again and the prospect is somewhat daunting.

Christine said: “I wanted to do one last big fundraiser for Cerebra before I hit the ‘big 60’ which is rapidly approaching!

“I spent last winter wondering what I could do to top my sky dive because I wanted to do something that people would feel was really worthwhile to pay me to do.

“An idea began to brew and in a moment of, what I can only describe as complete and utter madness, I decided to sign up and perform a wing walk.

“Of course, now I’ve started telling people and raising money, I can’t quite back out and I have to go ahead with it!”

Wing walking has its roots in the early days of aviation, when daredevils wowed the crowds with stunning displays of boldness and bravery.

Christine will be securely strapped to the top wing of the authentic vintage biplane and will be joining the ranks of the select few members of the public who have thrown caution to the wind and taken to the skies, pushing their courage to the absolute limit.

Christine added: “I am truly terrified at the prospect of the wing walk but I am determined to do it as I know how much the charity can achieve with the funds that are raised.

“I have set myself a tall target of raising £5,000 for Cerebra and would be most grateful if anyone would like to make a contribution – no matter how small – to help the children and young people with brain conditions that Cerebra supports.”

To donate, visit Christine’s fundraising page at