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IT kit helps e-learners in Africa

Written by Peter Davison.

IT equipment donated by accountancy firm RSM in Swindon has been given a new lease of life for use in schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The IT equipment, which was decommissioned by RSM ahead of the firm's move to new premises in Firefly Avenue in Swindon last year was donated to UK-registered charity IT Schools Africa.

First set-up in 2004, IT Schools Africa operates in Africa and the UK with a mission to ​transform lives through access to e-Learning.

Before being donated, all data stored on the computers was erased. The machines were then refurbished by the charity before being sent off for use in three schools, the Lusaka High School in Lusaka, Zambia, the Walela Basic School in Chipata, Zambia and the St Annes Goto High School in Wedza, Zimbabwe.

IT Schools Africa aims to give another 5-6 years of life to every machine that is sent to African schools. When they eventually reach the end of their life span, the computers are sent to a recycling facility in South Africa where they can be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Sharon Omer-Kaye, office managing partner at RSM in Swindon said: "When we moved into new premises last year, we were very keen to donate all of our old equipment to charity, so I'm absolutely delighted to know that our computers are now helping students in Zambia and Zimbabwe."